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 Corporate Team Building  
Conference Openers
Culminating Segments
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Community Drum Circles
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Online Ice Breaker
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Drum Lessons Online  
Music Production for Kids

Why it works.

Group Music Making

Music is a universal language. It holds people together and it allows for communication that goes beyond words. It is a great avenue for self-expression and listening, as well as teaching and learning.

Why Drum?

Drumming is one of humanity's universal traditions. For thousands of years worldwide, people have drummed in groups to create and strengthen community bonds, nurturing cultures, enhance focus and clarity of purpose, celebrate important events, or just simply have fun together.

Facilitated Drum Circle

A Facilitated Drum Circle is an easy group-making recreation and rhythm activity where each participant is playing any hand drum or percussion instrument.  No musical experience or background is needed. In this setup, the participants are gathered together in a a circle while a trained facilitator initially orchestrates. It is a dynamic and celebratory event where people learn to work together in unity and in harmony. Breaking barriers of differences, facilitated drumming is a vibrant, highly interactive means of connecting people.

DrumStart offers various drum circle sessions as corporate team building activities and can be applied in various settings. We offer a year-long music curriculum for schools and we have expanded to providing engaging drumming events for public and private communities and corporations.

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